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Obagi Day 6 and 7 (and a little bit of Day 5)

10 Sep

I was so miserable on by the evening of Day 5. I couldn’t open my mouth because of the dryness all around it. It was painful to eat a sandwich. So I cheated *gasp*!!!! I did, I admit it. I washed my face with the cleanser that night and then didn’t bother to put anything else on. I was planning on skipping the Tretinoin anyway because I doing one day on, one day off but I didn’t put the Clear or the Blender on either. I went to bed feeling guilty.

The next morning I woke up pain free! I washed my face and it peeling a lot! Like A LOT! I gently massaged as much of the dead skin off my face as I could. Took me almost 20 mins in front of my bathroom mirror yesterday morning. Then I showered and put on the Toner, the Clear, and the Sunfader like usual. My skin felt good yesterday. Less dry with no pain but it got really red by the afternoon.

Then last night I put on the Toner, the Clear, the Blender mixed with Tretinoin like I should. I woke up this morning feeling rather dry but not too bad. I had some peeling issues but less than yesterday. Or at least I couldn’t get the dead skin off as well as yesterday so I have a little bit of dryness around my mouth that doesn’t look too bad unless you’re crazy like me and stare at it closely in the mirror. I actually had some dryness around my eyes too but I took care of that with a little bit of Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydrating Eye Cream. I dabbed it on just the area around my eyes with a Q-tip and it immediately looked better. I love this Neutrogena eye cream. It comes in a handy little tube and costs between $12 and $15 bucks but a little goes a long way. I hate to put stuff around my eyes because they’re very sensitive but this stuff is wonderful!

Anyway, it’s a little after 1 in the afternoon now. I hope I don’t start grotesquely peeling later today. Wish me luck! And Happy Weekend!


Day 4 and Day 5 Obagi Nu-Derm

8 Sep

Ok my face is really red and peeling. I used the Tretinoin on Day 1 and Day 2, I took Day 3 off but used the Blender anyway. And I used the Tretinoin again last night (Day 4). Yesterday, was the day after I didn’t use the Tretinoin but I looked like I had a sunburn and my boss commented “Looks like you got some sun this weekend”. I shrugged because it would’ve been too long a story to go into at the time. LOL.
Then last night after I washed my face and put the night stuff on (including the Tretinoin), my face felt super dry and tight. It hurt a little to open my mouth to eat. I dabbed a tiny bit of moisturizer on the corners of my mouth to help with that.
This morning (Day 5), my face felt rough and dry and tight. When I washed it, it peeling a lot. I rubbed gently to try and get some of the excess dry skin off but didn’t scrub because I thought that would make my face sore. I put all the morning stuff on again but avoided putting the Clear around my mouth/lips. I then put some lip balm on my lips and dabbed a bit onto the corners to help me open and close my mouth.
It’s mid-afternoon now and I’m peeling around my mouth and my chin. It looks like dry skin (not very flattering). I’m still quite red and sunburnt looking. But I’m managing. Actually, I’m hiding at my desk trying to avoid other people but I’m not freaking out when people come talk to me.