Day 4 and Day 5 Obagi Nu-Derm

8 Sep

Ok my face is really red and peeling. I used the Tretinoin on Day 1 and Day 2, I took Day 3 off but used the Blender anyway. And I used the Tretinoin again last night (Day 4). Yesterday, was the day after I didn’t use the Tretinoin but I looked like I had a sunburn and my boss commented “Looks like you got some sun this weekend”. I shrugged because it would’ve been too long a story to go into at the time. LOL.
Then last night after I washed my face and put the night stuff on (including the Tretinoin), my face felt super dry and tight. It hurt a little to open my mouth to eat. I dabbed a tiny bit of moisturizer on the corners of my mouth to help with that.
This morning (Day 5), my face felt rough and dry and tight. When I washed it, it peeling a lot. I rubbed gently to try and get some of the excess dry skin off but didn’t scrub because I thought that would make my face sore. I put all the morning stuff on again but avoided putting the Clear around my mouth/lips. I then put some lip balm on my lips and dabbed a bit onto the corners to help me open and close my mouth.
It’s mid-afternoon now and I’m peeling around my mouth and my chin. It looks like dry skin (not very flattering). I’m still quite red and sunburnt looking. But I’m managing. Actually, I’m hiding at my desk trying to avoid other people but I’m not freaking out when people come talk to me.


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